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Quick Fix for Ponds, Water Gardens, Fountains & Birdbaths

Our new Quick Fix formula uses the power of oxygen to safely, quickly and efficiently clear-up your pond in minutes.

• Clears Unwanted Debris from Rocks and Waterfalls
• Starts working immediately to clean your pond water
• Non-Hazardous and safe treatment to clean ponds

Quick Fix works through a powerful oxidation reaction. Quick Fix contains enzymes which help prevent build up of debris on rocks and waterfalls. It reacts with natural elements in the pond to oxidize and detoxify a broad range of organic and inorganic waste and other unwanted debris. Quick Fix adds 13% oxygen to the water and the benefits last for hours. Oxygen also sweetens the water and helps prevent anaerobic conditions that lead to production of foul smelling sulfides. Quick Fix biodegrades completely into water and oxygen and therefore is safe to use with fish or animals.

2 lb Jar (#30119) treats 8,000 gallons - $16.95
6 lb Pail (#30121) treats 24,000 gallons - $39.95
10 lb Bucket (#30123) treats 40,000 gallons - $59.95
25 lb Bucket (#30124) treats 1/2 to 1 acre - $99.95
50 lb (#30125) treats 1 to 1-1/2 acres - $239.95

Clear as Crystal

Keeps water clear and clean for up to 3 months!
• Clears Dirty and Cloudy Water
• Reduces Toxic Levels of Ammonia
• Increases Oxygen Content in the Water
• Contains Essential Minerals to Keep Fish Healthy and Their Colors Bright
• Balances pH

Clear as Crystal is a unique form of Laumontite Crystal, Calcium Aluminum Silicate. When placed in pond water, Clear as Crystal produces oxygen, balances ph, purifies water through an Ion Exchange process and reduces toxic levels of ammonia; and keeps your pond Clean and Clear as Crystal for up to 3 months.

It also contains essential minerals that are utilized by fish to keep them healthy and enhance and brighten their colors.

5 lb bag (#30117) treats 700 gallons - $16.99
25 lb bag (#30118) treats 4,000 gallons - $69.95


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A Natural Prescription for a Clean and Healthy Pond.

Camarillo, CA – A new innovative bacteria formula developed to be beneficial to pond life and is 100% environmentally safe, non-pathogenic and non-toxic. Should be used in Spring along with our Clear Pond Sludge Remover Formula to jump start your pond's biological system, and weekly to maintain a healthy pond throughout the summer season.

When used on a regular basis, Clear Pond's beneficial bacteria helps to promote a healthy balanced pond that will naturally reduce the effects of string algae, pea soup green water, sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom and help to control the build-up of wildlife waste.

The Bacteria and enzymes in Clear Pond:
• Consume sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom.
• Improve dissolved oxygen content.
• Consume dead algae.
• Work in a wide range of pH.
• Contain Facultative Bacteria which continue to work in a non-Oxygen environment.

Safe for All Aquatic Life

16 oz (#16104) treats 16,000 gallons - $13.95
32 oz (#32103) treats 32,000 gallons - $21.95
Gal. (#01102) treats 128,000 gallons - $69.95

Bio Surge D (6 Pack)

A dry microbiotic formulation, these super bacteria multiply rapidly controlling their environment by a process known as "competitive displacement" and thereby outperforming disease-bearing pathogens (bad bacteria) growing within the pond. They also biodegrade sludge and organic waste. Available in one-ounce packets that dissolve in pond water and are fast acting.

Six-1 oz Paks: each packet treats 1,000 gallons
(Item #20108) $ 15.95


Activated Carbon
5 pound bag, 5 cups for every 100 gallons

Superior to charcoal this carbon is specially designed and formulated for use in ponds to remove toxic organic waste, chloramines, chlorine, clear discolored water, and remove foul odors.

(Item #20116) $ 43.75


Pond Salt
3 pound jar, treats 300 gallons

Nature's medicine, 100% natural sea salt. Adds necessary electrolytes, reduces stress and promotes recovery of fish from disease, also improves gill function.

(Item #30100) $6.95



pH Increaser

Sometimes water's pH is affected by debris, tap water or well water. High or low pH can have a harmful effect on fish, that's why we developed our pH Increaser.

(Item #30102) $ 12.50
16 oz. treats up to 1000 gallons

pH Decreaser

Sometimes water's pH is affected by debris, tap water or well water. High or low pH can have a harmful effect on fish, that's why we developed our pH Decreaser.

(Item #30104) $12.50
16 oz. treats up to 1000 gallons

Chloramine Buster

Chloramine Buster is a specially developed triple action compound that has the capability to separate the chlorine/ammonia molecule from the ammonia molecule and render the chlorine harmless, while at the same time reduce the “free ammonia” to safe levels for aquatic life (.025 or less).

In established ponds Chloramine Buster may also be used to reduce ammonia where levels are high or toxic, whether or not chloramines or chlorine is in the water.

16 oz (#16302) treats 8,000 gallons $ 13.50
32 oz (#32302) treats 16,000 gallons - $17.95
Gal. (#01301) treats 64,000 gallons - $59.95

Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon clears cloudy water caused by algae, dirt, bacteria and other organic material and removes metals. Most importantly it is safe, natural, and so biodegradable it is actually good for the environment.

16 oz (#30110) - $19.95
Gal. (#30111) - $79.95
25 lbs Dry w/Enzymes (#30115) - $74.95

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