Bio-Augmentation For the Benefit of Ponds

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Bio-Augmentation For the Benefit of Ponds

Welcome to the family of Clear Pond Products. Since our beginning in 1978, Clear Pond has been the Ecological leader in the development and use of natural microbes to solve the problems of pond water contamination without the unnecessary use of harmful chemicals.

 We continually strive to improve our impressive and innovative line of pond products, which include a balance of organic treatments and when absolutely necessary, for use in large farm ponds, EPA approved Algaecides and Herbicides, along with a subsequent pro-active organic treatment, to aid and boost the natural ecosystem of ponds and lakes in order to keep them clear, clean and healthy and eliminate the further need for chemicals.

 Dirty water, sludge build-up, disease causing pathogens, increased amounts of weeds and algae and poor oxygen levels are the cause of a poor aquatic environment.  What can be done to safely eliminate this problem?

 The solution is to first reduce the accumulation of sludge.  This is done by bio-augmentation of the existing microorganisms through regular addition of biological active seed cultures, such as Clear Pond Clarifier and Sludge Remover Formula, on a regular preventative maintenance schedule and also to increase the levels of oxygen in the water by adding aeration.  Bio-augmentation means helping Mother Nature do a better job naturally by supplementing the natural microbes found in pond water with our patented enhanced microbes. Nature abounds with microbial cultures in the air, soil and water.  These microbes exist because they have adapted and continue to adapt to changes in the environment.   They adapt because they can metabolize certain surrounding substances (their food) to obtain energy and nutrients.  But, this does not mean they can handle an ever-increasing load.  Clear Pond is a synergistic blend of enhanced patented bacterial cultures that work as a team and were developed for their ability to produce large quantities of digestive enzymes in an aquatic environment. We must remember that it is the bacteria that produce the enzymes, so the more bacteria the more enzymes.  Initial doses of enzymes are quickly diluted; however, continued performance depends upon subsequent production by the bacteria in Clear Pond.  Just adding enzymes is a very short-term solution

Chemicals are inexpensive and can be safely used to effectively and quickly clear a pond of excessive algae and weeds.  And, we do recommend chemicals when the situation for their use is clear.  However, this is a quick solution and has its drawbacks.  If not used correctly, fish kills may occur and the underlying cause of the algae growth is not being addressed. Remember, just as aspirin relieves some cold symptoms, but does not cure the cold, chemical additives temporarily relieve the symptoms of a poor aquatic environment, but do not cure the problem.  A balanced approach is more effective for long term results. 

A preventative maintenance program utilizing bio-augmentation through the regular addition of active biological seed cultures as discussed above, will keep your pond clear, clean and healthy before the need for chemicals arises, however, utilizing beneficial microbes after the addition of chemicals will help to restore and rejuvenate your pond to health and reduce the need for further use of chemicals.

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