Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria

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Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria

It is becoming more evident that nature just can’t cope with the overload of fish in home ponds, let alone the accumulation of uneaten food, excreta, etc. in a closed aquatic environment. When it is difficult to change water often, the closed aquatic environment begins to deteriorate even with filtration and/or UV lights.

Accumulation of floating debris, i.e. leaves, twigs, etc., uneaten food and excreta create a sludge layer on the pond bottom. Digestion by indigenous microorganisms is slow and takes dissolved oxygen away from the fish in the pond. In addition, there is a build up of ammonia, nitrites and other toxic gases. Therefore to improve the aquatic environment, there must be a reduction in accumulation of these substances. It is evident that these problems will not go away on their own, and while some methods such as chemicals work to reduce algae, they are dangerous to the fish and can be harmful to the environment. Ultra Violet is helpful in reduction of some algae, but does little to alleviate the problem of sludge and the build up of toxic gases. Further, UV’s can be detrimental to the natural microorganisms found in the pond. Remember, just as aspirin relieves some cold symptoms, but does not cure the cold, chemical additives or water changes temporarily relieve the symptoms of a poor aquatic environment, but do not cure the problem.

What Can Be Done To Alleviate This Problem Yet Is Still Safe And Effective?

If we eliminate the cause of a poor aquatic environment, (i.e. dirty water, sludge build-up, disease causing pathogens, increased amounts of algae and poor oxygen levels), then the aquatic environment will improve.

How Can This Be Done?

The solution is to first reduce the accumulation of sludge. This is done by bio-augmentation of the existing microorganisms through regular addition of biological active seed cultures, such as Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula, on a regular preventative maintenance schedule and also to increase the levels of oxygen in the water by adding aeration. Bio-augmentation means helping Mother Nature do a better job microbiologically by supplementing the natural microbes found in pond water with our patented enhanced microbes. Nature abounds with microbial cultures in the air, soil and water. These microbes exist because they have adapted and continue to adapt to changes in the environment. They adapt because they can metabolize certain surrounding substances (their food) to obtain energy and nutrients. But, this does not mean they can handle an ever-increasing load. Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria is a synergistic blend of enhanced patented bacterial cultures that work as a team and were developed for their ability to produce large quantities of digestive enzymes in an aquatic environment. We must remember that it is the bacteria that produce the enzymes, so the more bacteria the more enzymes. Initial doses of enzymes are quickly diluted and performance depends upon subsequent production by the bacteria in Clear Pond. Just adding enzymes is a very short-term solution

This enhancement or training has been done to the extent that these biologically active seed cultures are strains that are 1000 times more active than those found in nature. By adding Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria on a regular basis, these more efficient bacteria establish themselves and maintain dominance over pathogens and less efficient strains already present in the pond, thereby helping to protect fish against the conditions that cause disease. Further, Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Liquid contains several bacteria strains that function in a low oxygen environment and aerobically oxidize organic matter utilizing ammonia directly, thereby functioning as facultative denitrifiers. By reducing the biological oxygen demand (BOD) Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria creates a more favorable environment for the growth of nitrifying bacteria in the pond and actually improves the dissolved oxygen content of the aquatic environment. Also, these strains have been developed to function in water temperatures as low as 36 degrees F. and as high as 110 degrees F. This broad temperature spectrum makes Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria effective year round.

By using Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria on a regular basis, the natural environmental balance of the aquatic system is maintained and nature is now able to keep the pond clear, clean, algae free and healthy without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.