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Accumulation of floating debris, i.e. leaves, twigs, etc., uneaten food and excreta create a sludge layer on the pond bottom. If we eliminate the cause of a poor aquatic environment, (i.e. dirty water, sludge build-up, disease causing pathogens, increased amounts of algae and poor oxygen levels), then the aquatic environment will improve. This is done by bio-augmentation of the existing microorganisms through regular addition of biological active seed cultures, such as Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula, on a regular preventative maintenance schedule and also to increase the levels of oxygen in the water by adding aeration. 

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Large build-ups of organic sediment, sludge, or muck are commonplace in many water bodies as a result of years of nutrients and organic matter entering the pond water. This buildup leads to a lack of oxygen and the release of hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell present around many lakes or ponds. The presence of sludge or a rotten egg smell, are sure signs that the bottom is lacking in oxygen at times during the year. If oxygen is present throughout the water column at all times, beneficial aerobic microorganisms and insects feed on the organic sediment. You can speed up this process with the addition of Clarifier and Sludge Remover products, and Beneficial Bacteria. 

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