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Clear Pond introduces Natural Barley Straw Bundles for Ponds and Water Gardens! Using Barley Straw is a simple and efficient method to keep ponds clear and clean all year long. 

To work effectively, Barley Straw should be used continuously throughout the year in conjunction with our Clear Pond  Beneficial Bacteria in Liquid and Dry Formula, which can also be used year round.  Treatment with our Barley Straw can be started at any time. 

Since the Middle Ages farmers have known of the benefits of Straw and used it to keep ponds clear.

In England, the Center for Aquatic Plant Management has conducted research over a 15-year period and has proven the effectiveness of Barley Straw in keeping ponds clear and clean.  It takes six to eight weeks for Barley Straw to become active after it is placed in moving water.  According to the CAPM, “when barley straw is put into water, its cellular structure starts to break down or decompose aided by a mixture of water, light, and oxygen, that is why barley works best when floating near the water surface.  A microbial activity process drives this breakdown or decomposition.”  It is during this process that chemicals are released which inhibit the growth of algae. 

Each bundle treats up to 1000 gal. of water.